One cannot simply move production of existing films to a new coating line and expect them to be the same. When Kodak transitioned production of its films to the large Bldg. 38 equipment approximately a decade ago, product characteristics changed substantially.
Oh, no doubt of that. The only difference here being that they might plan on re-activating a Kodak coating line that has already been used at one time to produce many of the current Kodak products or at least very similar ones. Fifteen years ago Kodak made many of their film products worldwide in many plants. I don't know that ALL products were made in ALL plants. But Kodacolor Gold 100 made in Rochester was pretty much equivalent to Kodacolor Gold 100 made at Kodak Pathe'. And I'd be willing to bet if they made it at Harrow it was pretty much the same there, too. So, they did this all at one time. They can't have completely have forgotten how to do this stuff. It's a chemical manufacturing process, after all.

Now trying to make and coat a Kodak film at an Agfa plant - yeah, that's a whole different ball game.

This is all speculation anyway. But, we can see a possible path to downsizing here. Who knows what they plan on doing?