Followed up a lead in old Tonopah expecting a pile of useless 1950's crap, and low and behold this wonderful old Seneca presented itself!

I'll include the tripod for a bit extra. I'll price it either way. The lens is NOT included. It'll be hard to ship with the tripod, so that's an extra expense. Gotta watch the shipping these days! Wow, seems like everything's tripled.

In execution everything is silky smooth! Bellows looks fantastic. I modified an Eastman 5 3/4" lens board to fit it, and I'll include that with the camera. Good looking board, but Eastman purple instead of the lovely Seneca honey gold. Works great though.

Check below for more images. $365 Camera alone. $425 Camera and nice old No Name tripod. Tripod includes the nice old timey tilt head! Shipping NOT included in the prices. Always willing to listen to offers.