I knew about my light ratios, I knew what I was supposed to do, yet ; I made the mistake because of the rush of the moment, the model was a little 4 year old white girl and when I switched to ISO 400 film and I adjusted my F/Stop but did not measure the lights again to make sure because I didnt want to waste the moment I had, had I taken the time to re-measure the lights and correct the pitfall, I could have lost the moment. how to deal with this ? maybe a question for another subject. :-(

Having said that, a couple of notes; I was printing on grade-2 but also tried 1-1/2 with same result; blown out hightlights. Even though I can swear I see some details when viewing the film on the light box, however, when I scanned it even at -2 less light compensation, there is no detail in the white dress in my scan either.