A sometimes enthusiast for 120 film. I have a veteran Kiev 60 which has gorgeous lenses except for the default 80mm which had fungus and is consequently history - I miss that lens, hard to find a decent replacement.

Recently I bought a second hand Lubitel 166 Universal - I bought it for indoor 'candid camera' shots with 3200 film, since you can use the waist viewer to frame public gatherings without eye-to-eye scenarios if you don't want that, and without a flash in some light conditions. But first I tried some outdoor shots with FP4 to get used to the camera. I am really impressed, it's not easy focusing with the Lubitel if you wear varifocals as I do, but it's obviously possible to do so.



Of course a hand-held light meter is de rigueur but I like that - otherwise I would never have learned how to use one!