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I read your link, even though I've done a fair amount of C41 back in the day. One thing struck me - the primary problem you mention with bleach-fix (I remember when "blix" was a Unicolor term and others always just called it "bleach-fix") seems to be that it starts to deteriorate as soon as mixed, but is fine fresh. This could explain why I never had problems with it. I always mixed just enough for use right before use, and used it one shot, or if re-used I did it immediately. I always waited until I had enough film for the chemistry capacity I needed for my tank. In other words, before I got the Jobo, my stainless tank needed 8 oz. to process a roll of 35mm, and the capacity of 8 oz was said to be, IIRC, three rolls of 36x so I'd wait until I had three rolls to do it and run it all one after the other, as quick as I could dry the reels and tank. With the Jobo it uses even less so I'd just run a roll at need and discard the solutions. I knew even then that bleach and fix had more capacity than the developer, but I got it all in a kit (to make 1 gallon in those days) so if I only used the developer as specified but saved the bleach or blix I'd be up to my armpits in the latter anyway.