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I live in large industrial city Roger with a population of more than half a million there is now only one photographic store left besides the shops that just have mini labs, fortunately the last remaining shop is a very good one and a professional dealers run by a father and his two sons who have been in business for more than thirty years and know their unions they are all very nice guys, I just hope they stay open.
Understand, but I was specifically referring to the US, where our west coast friends seem much more graced by stores (or "shops" ) that carry and understand film.

The Atlanta metro area where I live encompass something like 4 million total people I believe, and something like 800k in the city of Atlanta proper. I've heard of one or two places with film and even darkroom stuff, but one of them I googled, got the address, and putting that address into my GPS lead me to an abandoned part of an industrial complex. Phone calls went completely unanswered. E6-Lab of Atlanta was here and just closed at the first of the year.