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Oh my... thank you all... this is just the info I was hoping for, and becoming quite excited.

Of note: Have three formats.. 35mm Nikon, RB67 medium format, and 3x4 Speed... all classic manual cameras, and going to use all three. ;-) Why not! Got two tripods, and will have to dig out the thing a jig, were ever it may be, that you can attach to something and holds the camera. Just loaded one of the backs of the RB with Provia 100f yesterday.. (the other back has the TRiX), so will give that a go. Got Velvia 50 in one of Nikon backs, and Protra in the udder. Can shoot 25 or 100, rather than the 400 in the Speed. And,,, were camping at a very, desert, picturesque place, that is to the east of Phoenix Az. So should have clear skies to east and north, with the glow of Phoenix acting like a 'new moon' ... or more, to the west where that source usually first rises, but alas will be missing in action as we are camping out for three nights starting this coming Thursday.
WOW!!! Its gonna be a new photographic experience.

LOL! I deal with people getting hyper-excited about this subject just about every waking hour. And it's not even my staple fodder!

Peter, 35mm will do fine for star trails, and the RB67 will give a much bigger image with more detail; the Speed, ditto. You are spoilt for choices. I'm sure it will occur to you with two tripods and two cameras of different formats to go for it with both of them and come away beaming! And camping that's the best way to go. Don't be too concerned about overly theoretical distractions like reciprocity failure. Short exposures of static stars are fine; let the film literally go feral over several hours while you pursue other things around camp. I hope you have fun and look forward to learning how you go. After all, Phoenix AZ (in some ways I think it is similar to the parched outback of Australia) is on my itinerary in 2015 (whipping tour of the heavy-hitter national parks).