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Nearly all colour film photographers today worth mentioning use Photoshop. That so few are in the Sony competition is just a sign that you need to look elsewhere for good work.

True. And the number is growing and growing. I once considered PSP passé. Truth is the gallery-quality hybridised printing needs a step-one interface before gettign anywhere. We make use of it a little for colourimetrics (profiling) post-scan from film. The way to go is that everything on the film should be just right and correct — especially with transparency, exposure-wise or neg to essentially minimise the need for introducing artifice. Whether it reflects reality or imagination is a personal choice. Interpretations of reality differ greatly, but bad work is easily spotted. Darkroom manipulation of prints is on a par with working in Photoshop or any other image software. There is no difference. Just the moral ethos and dogma that bubble surface from the pond of purity.