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Pipoca -- I really like the detail--I am a sucker for landscape and landscape details. I constantly have to tell myself to get closer. I know what you mean about the allergy to the tree--any time I prune our cedar-type bushes, I break out. I think there's an aromatic oil in them.
Funny you say you are constantly telling yourself to get closer, I'm trying to get further away myself. I shoot close like that, and I very rarely shoot wide out. I want to shoot wide, but I don't know how. That or I don't do it enough so I'm lacking the skill that's developed out of practice/vision.

George Nova Scotia's,Shadows on Snow came in. I'm a little late on replying that. It had me keep saying that it was some kind of arrangement in the studio. The lighting and surface kept playing tricks on me, but at the same time I kept believing it was something aside from the studio. I flip it over, yup. I was right and wrong, haha. Thanks.

I also got a post from Jim O

Like I mentioned up above to Megzdad, I'm struggling to shoot wide, so it's nice to see something that is something I have trouble doing. I really don't use much gray, but the tonality is pleasant. I'll keep that in mind for future reference