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But there's something everybody needs to know and keep in mind: you do not need a Hasselblad to create beautiful photographs, not at all. Truth be told, a Hasselblad will not even help you! It's not the camera that does the seeing and feeling, but the photographer.
Not always true. Different cameras have different expressions and different personalities. A camera can get in the way of your vision or it can get a little less in the way of your vision. Experience will make you choose the camera that offers the result as close as possible to your photographic vision or style. You can paint with red paint even tho you prefer blue but no doubt you will be more pleased using blue paint. Personally i feel the Hasselblad offer something unique. Or should say, the specific Carl Zeiss lenses in combination with the format size offers somthing unique.

A practical example. I worked with a D300/D2H for a couple of years and found that i always was chasing something in the editing process. Eventually i switched to a Canon 1DSmkII as a part of a personal project and bang! I was completly floored. All those hours spent tweaking the imagery i was now getting straight out of the camera before editing. That doesnt mean the Canon were a superior camera it just ment that it suited my eye better although both cameras were capable of proffesional work.