Hi all!

I'm Daniel , I'm new here, and new to film too.

I have come from digital, and now shooting film for personal projects to help me re-think, re-learn, re-motivate, and re-everything else :-)

I have a Bronica SQ-A and bloomin' love it. I love shooting the square format too, I'm finding the world has a different look to it when looking down the waist level finder.
I'm also experimenting with the Polaroid back.

Developing the negatives myself (via a changing bag), but I don't yet have a scanner.

I'm a quiet person. I love to give and help other people. I take my camera everywhere I go, yet I rarely take pictures (I'm working on this).
Likes: The little moments in life, yesteryears, travelling, karaoke, whisky, vinyl.
Dislikes: Developing a roll and realising you made a reaaaalllly stupid mistake.

I'm in love with film because.... of what it means to me. I'm not particularly enthralled by megapixels. But I love the effort, time, and love that goes into developing the film. The magic when you open the tank and see your images on the roll. I love that it costs me money (what!?) because it means I have to seriously think before I press that shutter.
I love that I'm free of the use of photoshop, actions, and trying to make my images look like someone elses 'style'.
I could go on and on....

Whilst I've been signed up to the forum for a month or two, I've not really had a look around yet, so I'm going to get used to the layout and where everything is.

Thanks all!