Last weekend I took the RB out for a walk and as I was shooting I noticed that the 127mm had a lot less contrast than the other two lenses (65mm and 180mm).
When I got home, I checked and the lens has this haze on the inside surfaces of the lens elements. Nothing like clumps,but just this smooth fog on the glass. It wasn't there when bought the lens 2-3 years ago,it seems to be quite recent.
Now the question is: Is this typical of a fungus or could it be lubricant vaporizing on the glass, and what can I do about it. I figure repairing it is going to cost more than what I would pay for a new one,but I want to know what is up with it ,and do I have to worry about the other lenses . They are in the camera bag in those squares of fabric that you wrap around the lens. I do leave a lens on the camera though, usually the 65