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IBut there's something everybody needs to know and keep in mind: you do not need a Hasselblad to create beautiful photographs, not at all. Truth be told, a Hasselblad will not even help you! It's not the camera that does the seeing and feeling, but the photographer. So we are not deprived of choices losing one or more (or all) of these cameras and can actually land the alternative camera of our dreams (6x7, 4x5 or 8x10, among) without mortgaging the home or selling the wife, just for the privilege of carting around a Hassy on our hairy chest. Ugh, perish the thought.
Used, a Hasselblad is not expensive, a body, waistlevel finder and back costs about the same as an entry level DSLR. Even a Pentax MZS used cost about the same amount as a used 500 C/M or even more. New they were still less than most full frame DSLRs and those sell well and I do not see many people selling wifes to buy those.

I "see" differently when I am shooting different formats, both the aspect ratio and the process necessary change one's approach to a location or subject and my wife uses the Hasselblad too. Saving $200 on a body to buy a different make of MF camera is not much although the lenses seem a lot more on the used market however one can sell them for more as well. I may have been just as happy with another system but there were personal advantages for me to go with a Hasselblad and I do not think the amount of extra money spent going with the V system compared to another medium format was worth worrying about and will amortize over the period I have it to less than 5 dollars per month.