Two scanned and inverted images from my 8x10 matboard camera are currently at the top of my flickr photostream:

I made two 11x14 pictures with the big Hello Kitty popcorn can. The first was badly overexposed. My daughter picked the time for the second exposure and that one still needs to be developed.

All along she wanted to use a particular solargraphy can for her camera, and make a picture of apple trees. This can has ladybug sticker on the bottom that she put there for luck about a year ago, and then it made one of my best solargraphs so far. Several days ago she picked a particular apple orchard with pretty lupine growing in it. We went there yesterday afternoon and set up the camera and she pulled off the tape shutter. She really wanted it to include the lupine and rattlesnake grass. I had no idea what the exposure should be so we were going to try 20 seconds. Well.... the can tipped over and fell on the ground after only 7 seconds . So as a consolation the second popcorn can picture is hers and she can submit it to the WPPD site if she wants. This story has a happy ending though... it turned out that 7 seconds was just about right and the lupine would have been overexposed if it had gone any longer. As the can tumbled to the ground, the sun shot across the paper and left a wild looking streak of light. Which just goes to show in pinhole photography sometimes accidents and mistakes and luck lead to the most interesting results!!

My daughter wants to process the lupine picture herself so it will wait until she gets home from school. But the negative looks neat!