As some of you may know, I annually offer to loan out some of my lenses. If these go, I'll try and put together a second batch. Not pictured is an 18" triplet, just a shiny silver tube with glass, no flange, and about 4.5" in diameter, if any one is interested.

The deal is:

1) you pay shipping both ways (Paypal) (some need insurance as well)
2) Try not to break it.
3) Send it back in 2 months
4) US only due to the potentially long overseas shipping
5) I reserve the right to say 'no'...

Due to sporadic wrist issues, these will probably arrive dusty, so you'll have to probably do a quick clean.

Also, I have a few (ugly, very ugly) front mount shutters that you can try out under the same rules with a lens.

I have a Luc that will fit #1.
I have a Luc that will fit #2.
I have an odd wooden/metal front mount lens that will fit any other lens pictured except the Dallmeyer Stigmatic.

As far as I can tell, the Lucs only have time and open, no instantaneous. The other one just has instant. And it will also double-fire on one push if that would ever be useful for anything.

#4 and #6 will need $150-200 insurance. (I think $200 is the same cost as $150 anyway). And, if you fall in love with the lens, you can buy it.

1) A. Laverne rapid rectilinear, about 9". Has aperture. The tube also comes and can be used for macro types of shots if you want. There is a flange that can be used with or without the tube.

2) B&L petzval, approx 8"

3) 10" petzval. Can be used with or without the accompanying brass tube.

4) Darlot wide angle hemispherical, 5" back focus marked 6 1/2 x 8 1/2. On my 8x10, it appears to cover 8x10. Insurance required both ways.

5) Dallmeyer Stigmatic Series II, No. 5, has aperture

6) Dallmeyer 1a patent rectilinear, approx 5", 8 1/2 x 6 1/2, looks to me like it covers 8x10