Geez, Gary; I thought that we buried Maggie Thatcher last week!! Seems Thatcherism isn't dead after all.

I read this as Fuji still making profit from their film. As such, your theory smarts of Thatcher closing down Collieries because they weren't making enough profit. If you consider the recent [seeming] reintroduction of Velvia 50 sheet film, Fuji's colour films can't be suffering too much.

My opinion is that we are close to seeing the end of removal of film lines. I think that there is a small chance that we could see some reintroduction of Kodak films over the next 18 months (based on who ends up owning this division), albeit a basic range.

I don't think that you have addressed a critical point - the use of film in China. This could be both a saviour or a killer. If the Chinese maintain their love of retro/film/analogue photography, we'll be good. However, if it is just a fad, then the reducing demand could lead to the end of some (but not all) film.

One other paradigm that could occur is Fuji using Ilford's ULF run methodology and doing an annual run on film. I doubt that this will be for all lines; probably just for Sheet film. I think that 35mm and 120 is healthy enough.

All just my thoughts on the issue… YMMV.