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Ah I see what you mean about the pinhole camera now.

To be honest I'm nowhere near as pro as some of you are, like I said I'm just an amateur but I like to experiment. I don't develop my own film in a darkroom unfortunately I don't know how, I either have my film developed professionally or I scan my negatives in with a scanner.

Saying that, there's a photographic studio down the road who run courses in developing film so maybe I'll give that a go. I really like the idea of the pinhole camera so I will look into that further. Where's best to find film for this (larger than 35mm??)

Thanks for all your helpful replies
just search on eboink using "xray film" as your search string ...

as long as you have a dim-lit room ( sort of dark ) and you can stick a red light bulb in it ( safe light )
and can get 3 ( or 2 ) tupperware trays .. you can easily develop xray film, its easy and you can process it in 2 chemicals
caffenol ( washing soda and instant coffee ) and old fashioned hypo / fixer adorama &c sometimes run HUGE specials on plain old sodium thiosulfate ..
http://www.apug.org/forums/forum37/6...e-fixer-2.html should help you with a hypo recipe with a teaspoon

get a cheapo- medium format / roll film box camera or folder from goodwill and put xray film in it and shoot BIG negatives that you cut down ..
after you develop the image on the xray film ... ( even spool and roll your own film spools .. i do it with photo paper in a post card camera .. its easy and fun +
with xray film, both sides are light sensitive ! )
then you can dip the film in knox gelatin, or "flexible" collodion bought from a pharmacy or "water glass" they dip eggs in or ?
and make a layer of something extra on the film that you can then add things to ... ink, paint &c and scratches or whatever ..
its just easier to see what you are doing when the negative is a little bigger

have fun!