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My advice is to ditch the Lubitel and get a proper medium format camera. Bronica ETRSIs with speed grips and prism finders can be had for less than $300. You will be far more productive and have far more keepers. I am not sure what people saw when looking at prints of their Lubitel 166 Universal negatives but for me it was so low resolution I was better off just shooting 35mm fine grain film. For me photography is about images. Taking extraneous extra steps to get the images gets in the way of the experience. And there is no way I am going to go through the expense and PIA of a Lubitel 166 just to get less grain than 35mm film. I soup TMAX 100 in XTOL so you know I'm not a big fan of grain, but less grain is not the only goal in photography. It is only one factor in a constellation of factors.
You had a bad one. I worked at a pro lab when I had mine. Many of the photo techs were blown away by the quality I was getting from my Lubitel.