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The P67 has a focal plane curtain shutter. It's big enough that its mass vibrates the tripod mounted camera enough to register a visible double image on an exposure of multiple (I don't remember exactly, but a bracketed series of up to 45" I think) seconds. I photographed the 59th Street bridge and some roof top views of 57th Street a few years ago at night, and that's what happened. The prints from that session are nice, but I can't go beyond 11x14 nominal without seeing the doubled point source lights on the bridge. I don't believe a leaf shutter would have allowed that.
Assuming this really is a problem, for long exposures use the "hat trick." Hold a card (or hat, thus the name) over the lens while you open the shutter with a release in the other hand. Then let vibrations settle and move the card or hat away from the lens and time the exposure with your watch. Then cover the lens again at the end and then close the shutter. It's harder to describe than to do, plenty accurate for exposures of a few seconds or longer, and cures the problem.