240mm f/6.8 Goerz Berlin Dagor
in Brass Barrel
$225 or best reasonable offer, plus shipping

Glass on this lens is pretty clean, except for a small amount of separation out towards the edge in the front element. This runs along the circumference of the lens for about 8mm. Some of it looks as though a few very fine lines have been drawn on the inside of the glass leaving little "windows" of unaffected glass; this extends about 3mm in from the edge; the rest intrudes about 1-1/2 mm in. I don't know what effect this would have on image quality, but you could hedge your bets by mounting the lens so that it sits above the long edge of your film and thus doesn't project into the image area.

Other than this, on the rear element about dead center are a number of small "micro nicks" which I don't believe will do much, if anything, to affect image quality. I've shot with much worse and gotten nice sharp results by shading the lens with the darkslide while exposing.

Comes with retaining ring, two generic caps, and it's mounted on a very beat-up Burke & James 4x4 in board.

Figure about 2 lbs pounds shipping weight from Zip Code 90027. I like to ship via Priority Mail; UPS is also available.

I ship after PayPal clears to my bank account; this takes a few days.