I recently started doing it myself with the Tetanal kits. They are pretty easy to make up and work with in my opinion, though I can't say if they are better or worse than the others.

The developer and blix always need to be tempered as far as I am aware, but the stabilizer can be left at room temp. Here is a picture of my somewhat crude setup for which I used your basic Patterson tank. It takes a while, but just adjust the taps until you get slightly above your developing temp (~5 degrees F for me) and the bath will be pretty close. Keep in mind developing is 3.5 minutes, so even if you turn the tap off once you reach the right temperature, it won't change much.


As for how precise temperature control needs to be, I'm sure there is much debate over that. My first kit (Unicolor) said to develop at 108F, my next said 110F. I do my best to keep the bath within 1C. Some people are pickier. I'm really not sure how low you can go with temperature, but keep in mind that C-41 is an established process from which you would be deviating significantly---that is, you may lose a few rolls trying this type of thing.

I would really suggest just trying it as is first before you commit to it. If you can get a bucket of water at the right temperature, you'll be fine! Personally, I think it's really straightforward. Make sure you wear gloves though.