I have some Kentmere VC Fineprint (made by Ilford in Mobberley), but can't recall if I ever used it for a lith print. I can try some over the weekend, but if your (potential) supply is from the Staveley days, it won't be a fair comparison.

The bleach/redevelop process is quite straight forward:
  • Over expose a print by half to one stop.
  • Develop in regular paper developer as usual - It will be way to dark, but don't pull the print early.
  • Fix and wash as normal.
  • Bleach back in a potassium ferricyanide bleach.
  • Redevelop in a lith developer - This can be done under normal lights.

Tim Rudman's 'The Master Photographer’s Lith Printing Course' gives an insight to the process and also covers some of the other bleaches that can be used.

P.S. Might be an idea to update your profile so that we know where in the world you are - Advice on chemicals would vary depending on country.