I have used D-9 successfully for producing extreme contrast process negatives on lithogrphic film.
The only substitution I made mixing it was to use 2.5g of Potassuim Iodide, in lieu of the 22.5g of Potassium Bromide
I have a surplus of KI (about 1kg), and use the bromide stocks I buy more often to warm print developers.

I had a reason to try a D-85 I mixed back in mid 2011 last week.
It was pooped out. I have half of the dead d-85 now in reserve. I am planning to drop in fresh developing agent to see if that brings it back into service.

The D-9 that I used last week was mixed in mid 2011 as well, and it's A side worked just fine.
I had no reason to doubt the B side going off - nothing organic to die in it, and not likely to grow any mold either.