I shied away from color processing for a long time thinking it was "difficult".

I don't have room for a dark room so I use film changing bags, a scanner or two, and process my film in my kitchen.

To do color I actually use a shallow baking pan that fits over my sink and run warm water in to it. I put my developer and blix bottles as well as my processing tank in the baking pan.

I put a thermometer in the pan and bring the temperature up. I then leave the water on slightly higher than the temperature I need and move the faucet in to our out of place as need be to keep the temperature correct. I can maintain +- 1 degree of my target temperature this way.

I'm actually beginning to prefer color processing over black & white. It's quicker and I think it's just as easy to do.

What got me started was I bought a used camera, an old Kodak Signet, and found a roll of color film in in and figured I'd have nothing to loose by processing a roll of film I had not taken myself.

I find my results to be quite good though my first attempts weren't as good as I'd have liked.DSC00088.JPG

I took this photo last week using an old Canon 110ED 110 pocket film camera. I think the results are very good.