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Well I read one person who ranked it slightly lower than a Hasselblad Zeiss and above a Contax lens. Allegedly that guy's Lubitel was even sharper than Bronica lenses if I read his rather lengthy post correctly.
The usual internet BS... Why buying a Planar when a triplet can do the job??? A Lubitel can take decent pictures as long as the lens was correctly assembled and adjusted to the body (optional). But you have to deal with one of the worst viewfinder I never see, a less than average film flatness, a half-decent lens coating and a low grade overall reliability. And don't even think about using 220 film, you still have the red window for film advance.

As long as you know what you are buying, it is OK. After all, eveyone has different expectations in life, but a Lubitel "slightly" lower than a Planar, really? this is total BS. But you already knows that as you noticed that your ETRS lenses were better than a russian T-22 lens which is just plain logical.

Take care.