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The scanning also plays an important role here. Try no to use automatic dust removal etc. I find they can reduce the sharpness of the picture. For testing you could rescan in B/W to see what the neg really contains.
That's an excellent idea. I'll give that a try.

The photo I showed is from a 110 camera. That's a pretty small negative. In this case I didn't use my scanner, I used my film to digital USB camera. I'm not sure what to call it since it's a 5MP camera in a box that allows me to photograph negatives.

I don't have a 110 film holder for my scanner but I do for that camera in a box so I used that to capture that roll of film. I'm careful to clean the camera box and blow off the negative with one of those rocket shaped bulbs.

The image is a bit fuzzy. Green seems a tad blue to me but the colors are vibrant so I love the image.

Perhaps when I go to buy more C-41 chemicals I'll try separate bleach and fix.