So got another moldy enlarger from a friend, however this one is a 4x5 enlarger, it's massive, and I would like to keep it if possible.

Here it is...


So the lens is pretty unrecoverable, the glass is moldy and the aperture blades are mangled.

I only have the 4x5 holder so does anyone know where to get the other ones?

Can I get new bellows? It's big enough that I think I can take it off and put a new one on?

And I think I can clean the rest of it to make it safe not to transfer mold spores to film etc.

Are all the lens threads the same size? I already have a 135 from another enlarger, but that's for 6x7 right so for 4x5 I need 150mm?

I'm sure I'll have more questions at some point.

Any suggestions? It's laying out in the sun now hope that kills some of the mold.


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