This is such a cool outfit, if I used this sort of film I'd shoot with this camera. But I don't, it's time to find a user. You get:

A Zeiss Trona 212. This 6 X 9 camera is in really nice condition -- very minor wear, just cosmetic rubs on the leather. It was owned by a guy who really babied his stuff. When he died his kids kept it stored and finally, years ago, I acquired it. This is the proverbial clean one-owner that only went to church on Sundays, fresh out of a time capsule. Includes Ica ground glass back.

zeiss2.jpg, zeiss1.jpg

The lens, a Zeiss Tessar 4.5 135mm, is clear and clean, no haze, mold, scratches. Double extension bellows are clean and tight, no cracks, tears, holes, whatever.

Dial set Compur shutter -- the slow speeds are a bit iffy because this camera is virgin, never serviced and not used a lot. They feel as if they are loosening up a bit as I work them. I leave it to you go have it serviced or whatever.

Original 2-compartment case and film pack holder (not shown) -- case is excellent-plus, no broken stitches or anything. This guy took care of his stuff.

In addition to this wonderful camera you get:

-- Three original 760/14 Ica film holders used with this camera, in the original photo lab envelopes they were returned to the customer in after processing. Each has been stored properly, with the dark slide out so the felt doesn't get mashed down. All three are near-mint.

-- The original owner's manual for this camera.


-- An original flash gun for use with this camera -- this is the sort of flash gun that uses flash powder --which I include -- and flash primers -- also included, there are 51 in the box -- to make a huge flash and bang to light your scene.



-- Four original Zeiss filters/accessory lenses, including a yellow filter, No. 2 Proxar, No. 2 Distar (for turning the lens into a telephoto), And a No. 3 Distar. All four are flawless in their original Zeiss individual cases.


All you need is a penny-farthing bicycle and a pair of knickers and you're set to go shoot pictures a la 1927.

I'm asking a pathetic $200 plus $20 shipping in the US for all this, and I'll make a $10 donation to APUG in your name.

Really, you will never see a collection like this in this shape again. Overseas shipping would be actual cost and import duties are your problem. If you are in Utah come to Ogden and pick it up, I'll buy you a beer (Polygamy Porter) in the bargain.

Questions? My email and paypal address are both I happily take paypal.

Charlie Trentelman
Ogden, Utah