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Type 55 was a great film (in my opinion). I too have some in the freezer. But it is not hard to develop 4x5. As a matter of fact I find it much easier than 120. The method that I use is the alternate dip and dunk using the HP combi system as described here http://www.largeformatphotography.in...ve-developing/. You will need to find these used, but they are around. However, 3 pyrex meatloaf pans will work just fine. If you are worried about having enough to process or scratching your neg, you can always do one at a time using the brush method.
My experience with all Polaroid, peel apart films is that when frozen the chemicals crystalize rendering them useless.

Refrigeration is fine but freezing is not recommended. I believe I got the info years ago from Ansel's Polaroid Photography book.

You might want to test a sheet of two of your stash.