$2450 includes USA shipping and Paypal Fees

8x10 Wisner Field Camera - Traditional Model - Perhaps one of the more attractive field cameras made - beautiful wood finish, brass toned hardware and red leather bellows

It is in excellent condition -

All movements are working fine, locks are working, wood and metal finish are in excellent condition -

Ground glass is not original - it is a Lotus Ground Glass - it is in excellent condition

There are three lens boards included - A Wisner to Linhof adapter made by S.K. Grimes and two Wisner size 1 boards

Bottom of the camera does have a few marks from mounting to a tripod -

Wisner leather bag bellows has a few areas that have been patched on the inside - it is in good condition, but should be checked from time to time

Standard bellows is in good condition, it passes a flashlight test -

This is a triple extension camera - you can get almost 40" of extension with the standard bellows. With the bag bellows you can compress to a focusing distance of about 50mm.

Weighs about 12 pounds without a lens -

Note: there is a Wisner catalog here: http://www.largeformatphotography.in...MonoChrome.pdf

with more details.

I will consider offers -