Haven't posted in a while due to life, health, etc. Good to be back!
I'm having issues printing palladium on fabriano artistico extra white. I used to do do gumover palladium on this paper with no problem. As before, I did a presoak with oxalic acid. Coated as usual. The prints seems a bit weak, but that may be due to my using a digi-neg that was calibrated for Arches Platine.
The problem is that the print on fabriano artistico does not seem to clear. The highlights stay a brownish color.
I had changed from Kodak Hypoclear to a clearing bath using EDTA and Sodium Sulfite. So, as per Christine Anderson's excellent new book, I thought perhaps that method of clearing was too alkaline. So I bought some Heico Permawash. This is reported to be a very neutral clearing bath, and similar to Kodak Hypoclear.
Unfortunately, I'm still getting the same problem no matter which clearing bath I use.
Just to be sure, I tried printing on Arches Platine. It works great.
What am I missing? I assume that if I go back to Kodak Hypoclear, it would work again. But I'm not sure about that, since the Heico Permawash didn't fix the problem.
Any thoughts?