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If you are serious about setting up a darkroom, you might actually be more selective and be willing to spend some money on enlargers. After all, it's the most important equipment in printing. You should be able to find Omega D2 or some Beseler for cheap, say 50 dollars max and be reasonably clean, functional, and basically complete.

I love picking up free orphan enlargers but parts for non-common types are hard to find, and you are bound to need something either to expand your capability or to repair. If I needed, say 6x6 neg carrier or condenser lens for my D2, all I need to do is to browse APUG classified or do a WTB post. Can't say the same for non-common types. I have a complete Vivitar VI but spare parts are not easy to come by and some are basically impossible to find now.
You're probably right, the problem is I don't know what is good and what is not, it's like asking an aboriginal minor to pick out the best automobile to purchase....

I just have no idea, I'm also not "serious" yet because I've never even seen an enlarger before these 3 I picked up, so I really want some practical experience before I invest serious money, I might not like it and end up preferring the scan and print method, I know this might be upsetting but it will be 3 years before my GF and I get married and buy a house where I can actually have the space to set up a darkroom. Right now I'll be setting up and then breaking down and putting in boxes each time I want to print...

This is just the first enlarger I've found that actually can take 6x7, the other two only went 6x6 and the other just 35mm so that doesn't help me.

I've been recently offered an Omega D2 by an APUGer after this post, which I'm excited about, I see that was mentioned as a good choice so perhaps that's good?

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