I used to use paint thinner between negative and glass. Just one glass surface to deal with. No effect on the film.
Glass cleaning is worth learning to do well because so much depends on a clean surface. I used to use Windex and Kodak lens cleaner by the gallon. Most important is a lint free cloth or paper towel like Kimwipes.

I have recently tried "Lysol General purpose cleaner" (apple flavour so my glasses taste good) for cleaning my glasses with amazing results. I take 2 sheets of TP fold to 1/4 sheet size and spray on a fine mist to one side of the pad. I wipe each lens surface from 1 side to the other with no pressure. No residue or drying marks. The coating on the lenses is still pristine after 1 year of doing this every morning. The coating generally disappears in a month or so if you rub the lenses when cleaning.