I have a hard time believing that the emulsion is gone. It would have to go somewhere. Most likely ending up as sludge or sediment in the bottom of your tank. You would have known if the emulsion was somehow removed.

The more likely scenario would be a mistake in developing such as accidentally mixing up the order of the chemicals such as using fixer before developer. That's a relatively common rookie mistake. One that many first-timers make.

If you used fixer before the developer, the film will come out perfectly clear with no image or edge numbers. That could look like there is no emulsion.

Test your chemistry with a short piece of film. You can do it in the light.
Use a piece of film about an inch long. Drop it into a beaker of developer. It should turn completely black. Put it in stop bath then fixer. Rinse briefly then dry. You should have a perfectly developed clip of film that is completely dark.

Next, try another test roll of film that is exposed and processed the right way. Be sure that your chemistry is properly mixed and at the right temperature. Use extra care to ensure that all chemistry is used in the correct order and according to manufacturer's instructions.

If all goes well, you can be fairly certain that you got your chemistry mixed up. If either of these tests don't work, we can look into the problem but the best way to straighten it out is to eliminate the easy stuff first.

Don't worry. Just about everybody makes mistakes like this when they start out.

Remember Thomas Edison's famous quote: "I haven't failed 1,000 times. I have simply discovered 1,000 ways that don't work."