ECN process with the green base makes for difficult and goofy color prints and grainy B&W prints. B&W develop & fix results in heavy base fog. I was curious and tried the mixed and separate developing and was surprised at the results. The B&W (almost no color) negatives print well on B&W paper, like B&W film should. The color result has significant grain when printed on B&W paper. I don't want to toss the film, just trying to make good use of it and in the process got one result that I expected, (color) and in the other, almost no color but with a useful B&W image where there should not be any.

Both of these results were exposed at full rated speed of iso 500, plus I have very wide exposure latitude, from 32 to 6400 (on the camera dial) on the same roll with acceptable negatives. Green as they are, they print like Illford XP1.