Hi everyone,
Thanks so far for all the replies. I think I'll test the Rollei Digibase 1 Ltr. kit from Maco, see:
Not too expensive (EURO 29.81 = USD 36) for try outs and enough to test 20 films (= being able to waist the first 19 in my case). This set has also a separate bleach and fix (as recommended).

I still have questions about the temperatures. All right - I agree - it is best to do my first testing at recommended temperatures. I can tinker something together to make a nice & constant warm bath for the bottles with chemicals.

1) If I do use the recommended 38 degrees Celsius, I suppose I don't keep the film tank in the bath as well, since I have to agitate/invert the tank almost constantly? Won't it cool down too much? I read that someone started at higher temps to compensate. What do you do?

2) But is there anyone who has decent results with lower temps? Are colours going a bit off in an acceptable (= artistic?) range, or not at all? The original instruction manual even gives times for developer at 20, 25, 37.8 and even 45 degrees Celsius.
See: http://www.macodirect.de/download/C4...tionManual.pdf

Bert from Holland