I've read through out the entire thread and it seems that unicolor is not mentioned here that much. Is it a bad c41 kit? I'm planning to start with c41 here because i don't like how local labs held my negs here but it's a bit of a problem because it would pita to ship c41 chems to iran. I had manage to get chems from moersch without any problem. I'm planning to get unicolor powder from the Us and have a friend ship some boxes to me. I'm also a bit confused that the unicolor isn't listed as ORMD http://freestylephoto.biz/c1001-Colo...ls-Color-Print

So, does it mean that it could be shipped internationally? I check the MSDS and it looks like it's nt but i'm not 100% sure. I hope some can help me confirm it for me.