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Forgot to mention that I have exposed neopan 1600 as 800. Digitaltruth data is 6,75 min for Neopan 1600/800. My development time was even longer: 7 min.
The negative is corectly exposed. Problem of thin negative was caused by development
The numbers at Digitaltruth must not to be considered to be some kind of rule for how long films should be developed. They should be considered starting points.

If your negatives have good shadow detail, but are thin in the highlights = low contrast, you have not developed the film long enough (or your developer is exhausted, or your developer temperature is too low; they all result in roughly the same thing).

If your negatives have poor shadow detail, you have not given enough exposure for those shadow details to register (extra developing time will not bring these back).

If your negatives lack shadow detail and don't have good highlight densities, you have both exposed too little and developed for too little time.