Last week I shot a roll of agfa vario 1000, expired 1971, that I had exposed at ei50.

The developer was at 24C, wash water about 22c, fixer about 18C. Non hardening alkaline fixer.

Well non hardening fixer, that was a mistake on this old soft gelatine emulsion it turns out

I got reticulation of the likes that I have only come close to seeing in books on processing errors.

I washed gently about 22C for 5 minutes, go hang to dry, and watch the gelatine at the bottom start to slide off where I go to attach a clip.

Back into a hardener bath that I usually keep around for use before repeated intensifier bath immersion cycles.

Wash again. This time the gelatine has shrunk and stays on the film.

Fogged all to hell, which is really no surprise given the age of the film stock, and that faster films fog faster.

Next stage may be a bath in a weak rehalogenating bleach and then refix, to try to peel off some of the fogging.

I did not start to torture this film, but look what happend.

I think Adox still makes old soft emulsion films if getting reticulation and gelatine sloughing is your thing.