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Just to update everyone:
I am extremely sorry for the HUGE delay. I have had the cards printed for some time now. Not to get into unnecessary details, my wife and I had our first child in December, things came up (nothing bad) recently that put a larger than normal financial burden on us. I wanted to conserve every bit of money just to be careful. I feel awful that I had to wait this long. The cards will go out first thing in the morning. Hopefully this doesn't discredit me as a forum member, but if it does, it should surely give me credit as a father and husband. ahah. We made it through fine. Our daughter is beautiful. I'll be uploading a few photos I took of her soon. Good day to everyone. I think I'll sit this next round out. I'd like to have a superb negative before joining again.
I feel you! I have a 10 month old and its still a challenge to get into the darkroom. Hell, its a challenge to get the lawn mowed, much less do things I actually WANT to do!