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In the last two weeks I've had three different people either ask me if my Rolleiflex was a Hasselblad or outright claim it was a Hasselblad (wherupon I politely corrected them). I'm starting to think that the vast majority think there are three brands of camera in the world: Nikon, Canon and Hasselblad. And anything not immediately identifiable as (and larger than) a 35mm SLR is by default a Hasselblad.
It must be contagious. Having never been asked before, I just spent a couple of weeks away and, like you, had three people on three different occasions ask me if my Yashica D TLR was a Hasselblad. After the third time, I actually got online to refresh my memory on exactly what a Hasselblad looks like. I can't see where the confusion comes in - the two cameras really only have two things in common... mostly black... a bit of chrome. So, yes, I think it's simply a case of a great many people only knowing one brand name of a camera larger than a 35mm SLR.