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The look is generated by having a negative that is quite **contrast** HC110 is the right developer for this situation.
by underexposing and overdeveloping the negative will have the quality's needed for the look Mike Spry then used in the darkroom. You need a negative that when the blacks emerge , it almost explodes. One is not concerned with the highlights blowing out a bit as the flash fills in with creamy goodness.

Star Trax is an excellent example of this style , Oriental G4 in Champion Nova Lith A - B . Heavy exposure on the enlarger and creative use of secondary flash to fill in highlight detail.

I would like to comment that this technique goes completely against the sensitometry crowd and should be approached with a good dose of bourbon and Van Halen.

I can recommend ** Dance the Night Away ** at the highest level your ears can handle, over and over and over .........
Ha, yes indeed Bob. I do the same with Rodinal. Expose for highlights (underexpose) and cook in Rodinal 1:25. Printing those negs is a blast of fun (no joke). Sensitometry in these cases? Way out the window...but the prints..great! What I meant with my comment, is that the developer (and the way it is used) is simply at the service of the final print and the look one wants to achieve in a print. Duplicating that recipe and scan the negs, or going into the darkroom without a clear understanding of how to work contrast, will not lead to those type of prints.

Oh..and VH in the darkroom is a must!