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I'm wondering if one of your lens elements (or groups) is installed incorrectly. Look up lens diagrams and check that everything is installed in the proper order, in the proper alignment. You mentioned camera butchers in SA - I wonder if one of them got their hands on it in the past and switched something around that they shouldn't have.
I'm afraid I'm not sure how to determine if the order is correct or not, as I cannot disassemble my Rollei without fearing that I may never be able to put it back together again.

Under correction, the camera has only had it's focus screen modified, which was done by someone with two left hands, and I had it's shutter serviced. This focus screen installation was probably a DIY attempt by the previous owner. Besides the focus screen and the repair chap who cleaned the shutter, I don't think the lens assembly has seen any disassembly. No paper trail to back that up, so anything is possible