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They have taken the business out from under a management structure that was actively trying to kill it and given it new ownership that has a vital interest in its continued viability. It no longer has to support the rotting carcass of an organization that thinks it still belongs in the Dow index. They have removed all the burden of debt and past mistakes. Marketing and Sales professionalism can go a long way to turning a business around and building success. They have a lot of hard work ahead of them, but I am very encouraged that the "right sized" organization for the niche market will finally be able to create itself out of the disaster that it was.
It scares me that if they do manage to survive bankruptcy Perez will still crucially control the actual manufacturing of film. How long before poor decision making again results in a new crisis where he again needs to "impress" the analysts on Wall Street? And in his mind perhaps the way to do that will be to again start blowing up film buildings with the media cameras rolling?

And what if the building he chooses this time is the last Kodak coating line?

Sounds silly? Just look back at the last five or so years...