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Not necessarily mistakes. Just getting to a point where I realised that what I was making wasn't quite what I wanted - but I wouldn't have known that if I hadn't got that far.

I'm not like normal people. I rarely try the easy route first.

As an example, when I first made an acoustic guitar, everyone I spoke to suggested I started out with a simple Spanish nylon strung design. But that's not what I wanted.

I wanted a Selmer Modele Jazz (as played by Django Reinhardt). So that's what I built. Although in that instance I managed to get there without half building any other guitars first! (so not a very good analogy!!!).

In the case of the guitar, I knew what I wanted but with the camera, I wasn't sure at first.
I see what you mean Steve, but planning can only go so far... so to speak.

I have plenty of half finished projects myself, so I know what you mean, just that I don't understand why you'd need to give up rather than trying to turn it into what you want?

and isn't that essentially what you're doing anyway? if you think of the one you start after the first, having learnt what you did from the one you began, as a continuation of the "project" rather than as a new "camera" then you have no half finished projects, just some trial designs.