Here we go again?

Well let's I a technician. YES!!!! If you don't know what you are doing, how can you control what you are doing? How can you produce a work of art without full control of your craft? You can't. To shoot hundreds of negatives and produce hundreds of prints to produce a few works of questionable art is no different then cave art, petroglyths by primitives. Artists have to be in control.

Am I in a trance? Sometimes, I think, well, maybe... let me ask my shrink... He says yes, but only on rainy Mondays. So I only shoot on rainy Mondays. The other days I am in the darkroom.

Seriously, AA said what, the negative is the score and the print the performance? Having your mental capacities are essential for creativity. Ever listen to a symphoney where the conductor didn't know the score before a performance?

Do I just like what I do? Absolutely! I truly love photography. It is one of the most unique arts in existence.

So I gusss that my answer to the survey is; 1.yes, 2. sometimes-maybe-yes/no, when my analyst say so, 3. yes.