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Rather than repeat about 3 pages of explanation, please see my long post on stabilizers vs final rinses.

PE, it's not that I don't appreciate your opinion, I do. Even with little experience in photography as I have I can tell that you do know what you're talking about. However, because of my limited experience, sometimes those who know a lot can confuse, with their extensive wealth of knowledge, those of us who know very little.

That said, I did read your post on Ss vs FRs. I think the article you're referring to is the one found on Polyglot's very informative site on how to process C41 film. At the bottom of that article, he's posted a link, PE's Definitive Word on Stabilisers, which takes one to the post on this site. Well, if that's the one, I did read it, and, based on that post, this is how I would answer my question:

All my film is post 2000. How do I know this? Because I don't buy expired film from stores and I don't buy from individuals (who are most likely to have old film because they hoarded large amounts of a film they liked back when that film was available). Therefore, because all my film is "modern," it doesn't need formalin (I think). Since it doesn't need formalin, I can go ahead and buy Final Rinse.

That's it. That's how I would answer my question based on your post.

I will worry about stabilizer when I start developing E6, at which point I won't even worry about trying to find the right stabilizer. I will simply make my own by mixing Photo Flo 200 and formalin in the proportions provided on your post.

Am I right?

And thank you so much PE (and Polyglot, and all others who contribute) for sharing all your knowledge with us.