I've been in and out of medium format, like many folks here. I've gotten back in love with it through my Rolleiflex, to the point I now have a pair of them. They have their limitations of course, but what keeps me in love with them is the just-rightness of them - the Rollei makes a perfect street photography camera because it's silent, unobtrusive in use, it's compact (for medium format), and the 12 exposures is just enough to finish an idea when photographing, instead of having several ideas to work out on a 36 exposure roll, and by the time you're done, you've forgotten the why of half the photos on the roll. The quality up to a certain size is really quite similar to what you get from large format, enough so that any print I want to make that I can make at home is more than good enough. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of things medium format cameras can't do, or at least can't do as well or as much as large format cameras can (perspective control, depth-of-field control, etc). And no medium format camera in the world is going to hold a candle to a contact print from my 14x17, but I'm not going to use it in the same circumstances I'd use the Rollei either.