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I think they erroneously claim it is originally for a Hasselblad. That lens is of a smaller diameter (seemingly at least) than the current Distagon 50/4, therefore physically impossible for it to be a faster f/stop.
I'm also confused at it covering 6x6. 50mm on 6x6 is pretty wide. Maybe the sign meant to say "was based on", ie a 50mm 'normal' planar based on an 80mm 'normal' planar. But then it can't have been, it also says that the iris shutter was removed when kubrick converted it, if it was originally for hassy it would have had an iris shutter.
(ps, they've made hassy distagons at 50/2.8 and 40/4, not sure about 40/2.8. Zeiss have also just announced a Distagon 50/1.4 for Canikon, making it a retrofocus distagon apparently makes it better than a normal planar).

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Maybe Hasselblad was smart to limit theirs to 2.8
I think i've read about Zeiss saying something to that effect. Can't find the original wording now, but it was something along the lines of, "yes, we can make faster, but we don't, we'd rather make high IQ"

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That lens has a back focus of 4mm. I don't know whether this would still work on a Hasselblad with focal plane shutter.
It could work in the same way as the SWC, no mirror. If it was made for NASA it was probably made for either astronauts taking shots of earth from space, or taking night-shots of skies. Either way, it could have been built as an aerial camera, fixed hyperfocal so no need to focus.