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Use a leaf-shutter lens, focus, lock the mirror up, open the body shutter, take the battery out. Then just use the leaf shutter on a cable release.
(of course, that's me having never used a P67, does the shutter stay open when the battery's removed, or is it spring loaded?)

lol! Sounds good, doc. In practice though, fraught with confusion and difficulty. A literal fumblefest.

  • Shutter will remain open once triggered, and when battery is removed; requires reset with mirror lock-up reset button (front of 67) before re-inserting battery, then wind on. This is clumsy. I am studying a workaround involving triggering the camera with the mirror lock-up reset button, then shutter.
  • Neither of the 67 leaf shutter tele lenses are suitable for star trails really (way too long; ultra-wide angles are the go).
  • Mirror lock-up is not useable with the 165mm LS; some souls have tried it. The mirror jams.